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Pause the live stream before watching – otherwise both will be playing at the same time
Pause the live stream before watching – otherwise both will be playing at the same time

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Rosh Hashanah 2020 - Day 1

Rosh Hashanah 2020 - Day 2

A High Holy Days Message from Israel Maimon
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Masorti Foundation
Video Montage of Masorti Life

High Holiday Schedule

6:00pm – Mincha / Festival Ma’ariv-Livestream

9:30 AM – Livestream starts

10:00 AM – Torah Service

10:30 AM – Family Services with Morah Beth (Click to Start Zoom)

10:45 AM – Sermon

11:00 AM – Musaf

4:00 PM – Afternoon Mincha Service (Click to Start Zoom)

7:45 PM – Mariv Service (Click to Start Zoom)

9:30 AM – Rosh Hashana Livestream starts

10:00 AM – Torah Services

10:30 AM – Jr. Congregations with Morah Etty (Click to Start Zoom)

10:45 AM – Sermon

11:00 AM – Musaf

4:00 PM – Outdoor Tashlich/Shofar Blowing/Mincha

7:39 PM – Rosh Hashana Ends

7:45 PM – Mariv (Click to Start Zoom)

5:30 PM – Oneg Shabbat

6:00 PM – Outdoor Service (Click to start Zoom)

9:30 AM – Shabbat Services  (Click to start Zoom)

7:45 PM – Mariv/Havdalah (Click to start Zoom)

6:15 PM – Kol Nidre Service

9:30 AM – Yom Kippur Morning Service

10:15 AM – Torah Service

10:30 AM – Jr. Congregation with Morah Etty (Click to Start Zoom)

11:00 am – Sermon and Yizkor

11:30 am – Musaf

5:30 PM – Mincha Service

6:30 PM – Neilah Service

7:30 PM – Yom Kippur Ends – Break fast

Please note start times are an estimate.

Boris Johnson addresses the Jewish Community

Schmooze Room

Want to just hang out and schoomze?
Join our Schmooze Zoom Room.

Please make sure you pause the Livestream before joining. This way the other participants do not hear your computer playing the Livestream.

Presidents Council

   President’s Council—2019-2020: Keter Shem Tov—Crown of a Good Name: Sonia and Lawrence Seidman | Shalom Rav—Rabbi’s Circle: Jill and Jay Bernstein, Judy and Alan Feldman, Linda and Bernard Gutman, Alicia and Jon Heller, Marilyn and Michael Jeshion, Paula and Lee Shaiman, Anita and Stuart Skolnick | Shomrei Or—President’s Council: Lee Ann and Paul Beck, Sarah and Barry Blecherman, Alice and Clifford Broser, Elliot Eisenstein, Iris and Eugene Fisher, Tova and Zev Friede, Susan and Robert Gordon, Beth and Edward Julie, Jodi and Bernard Kashmann, Deborah and Marc Kornblau, Cindy and Alan Merker, Susan and Barry Mirsky, Linda and Martin Radnor, Carol and Henry Ramer, Terri and Oscar Reicher, Gene Resnick, Leona and Sylvan Rothenberg Ellen and David Rubin, Marilyn and Michael Rubin, Marina and Mark Shpungin, Estelle and Leon Solomon, Jill and Robert Spodek, Sheri and Ivan Taback, Sharon and Mark Terry, Laurie Ann and Jeffrey Weinstein, Karen and Richard Weiss, Gerda and Benjamin Weltman, Friends of Shomrei Torah

For the Kids

Some resources to share with your kids
Shalom Sesame, The Sticky Shofar